Friday, February 2, 2018

Friday- Another Gorgeous, Sunny, Warm Day!

Ken was up early to read and as per usual, we watched the beginning of the Morning News.  We were on our way to Edgewater Church by 8:45 to help at the Food Pantry.

Today was a smaller turnout of people who came for food, but that was probably good because we did not have many desserts or bread items.  We did have an overabundance of bagged lettuce and fruit so it was a healthier day for the recipients.  Ken and I enjoyed our time helping there!

We were able to leave by 12:45 after helping to clean-up.  We made a stop at Wal-Mart for more groceries (maybe we have to stop eating, because it seems like we always need more food!)!  Back to the CG for a late lunch.

Ken was up very early so a nap was in order.  First, he set-up outside again (we had strong winds for several days) including putting out the awning, chairs, decorations, etc.  It was a gorgeous afternoon, so I sat at the picnic table "touching up" my coconut fish that I had painted at home.  They lost some paint when we transported them to Florida and if I want to sell them, they needed some "repairs"!  

Ken and I decided to ride bike around the CG around 4:45 and the weather was perfect for riding.  We did stop at one of the park models that is currently for sale and talked to the owner.  They invited us in to to "check it out"!  Turns out they built it in the park 4 years ago and have decided they would rather be RVing than staying at one place.  It was fun to take a tour.  We rode about 4 miles before returning to Wilbur.

We had salads with leftover chicken and salmon for dinner - delicious!  I worked on this block while watching the Evening News.  At 7:15 we went over to Ernie and Noela's to play cards.  We played one quick game of Uno which the men won.  Somehow the women usually take the lead early in a game, but go downhill as the game progresses!  We had a nice time just talking after the game.

Back to Wilbur by 9:45 and off to bed.  It was another great day!

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