Thursday, February 15, 2018

Thursday - Hot, Sunny Day

Ken left the CG at 6:15 for the Men's Bible Study at Edgewater Church.  I got up around 7 and watched some of the morning news.  I did my stretches and devotions till Ken returned around 7:45.  

After breakfast, Ken loaded Noela's old bike to take to the church for their bike ministry, where they repair bikes and give them to folks in the area that need them.  It was kind of Noela to donate her bike!  

Ken went back to the church from 9 to 12:30 to help set-up and unload food for the food bank tomorrow!  I kept busy here answering e-mails, finishing my blog, raking leaves on our site, and then painting my coconut fish.  I find the painting so relaxing and just fun!!!!

Ken and I had lunch outside when he returned and then at 1 I went with Ernie, Noela, Jim and Joyce to the clubhouse for the "Roll Out Party" for next year.  That is when we are told the rates for next winter and we can sign up at a little bit of a reduced rate and if we desire, reserve the same site.  So after talking with Ken, we reserved Dec. 10 to April 10 with plans to go home for about 10 days for Christmas with our family.

At 3:30 we headed to Farlow's on the Water to have an early dinner with 3 other couples from back home - Eddie and Lori, Rick and Joyce, and Marilyn and Gene.  We had a great time eating outdoors and the food was so good and the early bird specials so reasonable.

What a great group of friends!

Walked out on the dock when we were finished eating!

From there we all went back to Rick and Joyce's home where we played Hand and Foot, men vs. women!  What fun!  Unfortunately the men were victorious but it was a fantastic evening!

Photo from the back of Rick and Joyce's house!

Back to Wilbur by 10:45 and off to bed.  What a day!

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