Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Tuesday - Beautiful Hot, Sunny Day!

Ken went for a walk with Ernie while I did my stretches, read, and got ready for the day.  We had a light breakfast because we planned a trip to Costco and Sweet Tomato today.  It got into the low 80's with lots of sunshine and only a light breeze.  Actually rather warm.   They are predicting 80+ degrees for the next 10 days, rather different than the temperatures in January!

The 4 of us left the CG at 10:30 and made a stop at Detweiler's Farm Market to get some fruits and veggies.  Then onward to do some hiking and bird watching at the Celery Fields.  I won't bore you with info on the celery fields because I did that the last time we visited there.  We decided to walk up the hill that was created from all the ground they removed when making the man-made bodies of water.  Not much to see, but you did get a great view of the surrounding area.

You can walk straight up the hill or go around - we chose
the easy way around!!

Quite a view!

One of the many man-made lakes!

Not sure what kind of bird but he certainly enjoyed
singing for us!

Then we walked across the road where you get to see some of the birds that come to the area to feed and rest at night.  We were there after 12, so we did not get to see lots of birds.

Noela and I stayed at the gazebo on the boardwalk while Ken and Ernie decided to walk about a mile hike to another look-out point where some people had seen some rosette spoonbills.  Boy, that sure spiked Ken's interest, so off they went.  Well, Ken's wish was fulfilled, because he was able to get a photo of the one rosette that they saw - that makes his trip to Florida complete!


Blue Heron!

I figure you know these are ducks....

....and turtles!

Love how this tri-colored heron is almost camouflaged!


Ken's favorite - the rosette spoonbill!

What a gorgeous bird!


Another bird who did lots of singing for Ken and Ernie!

We left there by 2:30 and headed to Sweet Tomato for lunch, for by now we were very hungry.  After all, breakfast was a loooong time ago!  As always, we enjoyed delicious soup, the salad bar, muffins, and of course, dessert.  Everything is made from scratch and so good and obviously we were all VERY full when we left.

Next stop, Costco, where we purchased lots of drinks, some frozen items, etc.  We only returned to the CG at 5:30, so it was a full day.   After finding a place for all our purchases (that is quite a job in a motorhome!), we rested a little and then I finished a picture I made to hang in Wilbur and glued shells to a plain black wooden candle holder I had purchased - it was bright gold when I bought it and really ugly!  Looks pretty good now if I do say so myself! 

Hard to tell, but it is dimensional!

Some of the sea glass, shells, and
sharks teeth we found on the beach!

These are the shark's teeth we found so far this winter and
we really haven't been to the beach very many times!

We went over to Ernie and Noela's at 7:30 and played Racko in their outside screen room.  It was such a mild evening and it was delightful to be outdoors.  I must confess that the men won, again!!!!

We were in bed by 10 after a very fun-filled day!

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