Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Wednesday - A Day at the Campground!

Today was an extremely hot one with plenty of sunshine and very little breeze!  Actually the daytime temperatures in Florida for February were the warmest on record EVER!  It has been in the mid to upper 80's all but the 1st 3 days of the month!  Wow!  Ken was up around 6 and did some reading before I arose at 7.  Ken left at 7:15 to walk with Ernie returning at 8:30.

While he was gone, I did my stretches, some reading, cleaned up, and showered.  We ate breakfast and I got our wash together to take to the CG's laundry.

Ken was such a busy boy outside raking, washing and drying the car, and then cleaning windows on the car and Wilbur.   I started cleaning and scrubbing Wilbur inside.  Bill and Donna stopped by, friends from PA, and we chatted outside for well over an hour.  We had such a good time together.  Ken was washing our shark tooth find from Monday and they were amazed at how many we found and the size of most of them.  We made plans to have lunch in Punta Gorda Friday afternoon.  After they left, Ken and I went to the laundry but all the washers were in use, so we came back to Wilbur and had lunch.  

We had been considering buying a 2nd car when we get back to PA and when we were at a picnic in Sarasota with lots of our church friends from back home, we found out that the hosts of the picnic have a Honda Civic to sell before they leave PA and move to Florida permanently March 22.  Ken was all ears when they mentioned that info.  So today we drove to the Honda dealership here in Port Charlotte  so we could look at a Civic and make sure that we were comfortable with the seating and leg room - no problem.  We were totally honest with the sales gal from the beginning and she was so helpful.  She even asked us if we wanted to take it for a test drive.  For her time and "trouble" we gave her a gift card to McDonalds!  So, we contacted Frank and worked out the details for us buying the car.  Wow, we will be a 2 car couple again after about 2 years of "car juggling"!

We stopped by the laundry when we returned and had the place almost to ourselves - hallelujah!  We put in the wash and then went back to Wilbur and I finished my cleaning.  Then back to the laundry!

Ken made salads, did dishes, and then washed and soaked the shells we got yesterday in bleach.  He came to meet me at the laundry while I was loading the clean wash in the CRV.  Back to Wilbur to put things away and then Neil and Nancy stopped by for over an hour.  They have been camping here at Harbor Lakes since last Tuesday and we have had very little time together - all of us so busy!  It was so great to spent time visiting before they leave tomorrow morning!  We will see them in PA this summer!

After dinner, I worked on this blog and Ken went through all the photos he took the last several days.  I downloaded the photos and we walked over to Ernie and Noela's to visit, but they were gone!  Back to Wilbur to finish this blog and then record expenses in our budget program.  Ken answered some e-mails, etc.

Wow, we certainly have been busy the last week or so.  Lots of fun but we are tired.  I considered playing some pickleball tonight, but just too exhausted!  Maybe tomorrow night!  We went to bed around 10 after another full day!

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