Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Wednesday - What a Phenomenal Day!

Ken left at 7:15 to meet Ernie for their walk.  I did my usual morning routine.  After a light breakfast that we ate outside, we worked together putting hooks in my coconut fish and drilling holes for their tails.  Now the 8 I have finished need to be sprayed with varnish before they are ready to be sold.  I hope to possibly complete 1 more for the sale here in the CG on Saturday.  We shall see what happens!

Ken saw this blue heron nesting in the tree!

John and Cindy arrived at 10:15 and we loaded their "stuff" for the beach in our car, visited a little, and then left around 10:30 for Farlow's on the Water where we met our cousin, Mary, and her husband Paul for a delicious lunch on the restaurant's outside patio.  Everyone was very pleased with their food and really enjoyed the setting!

By 1:00 the 6 of us were on Manasota Beach to enjoy the gorgeous sunny, hot day and just having fun spending time together.  Cindy and I rarely see our cousin and although we all live fairly close together in PA we usual only see each other when we are all in Florida - crazy!  The men went for a long walk while the ladies mainly sat and chatted.  Cindy and I did go in the Gulf to cool off and do a little shark's tooth hunting.

The men took a long walk up the beach to an area where
no one was there!

So nice to spend time on the beach with "family"!

Cindy trying to look at pictures on Ken's phone!

We stayed on the beach all afternoon, only leaving around 5.  Barry, our friend from Canada, had e-mailed Ken that McDonald's was serving their Shamrock Shakes starting today and he knows they are one of my favorites.  So, on the way back to the CG, we stopped and Cindy and I each got to enjoy our 1st one
of the season.  Just a note - if you get one ask them to put just a little of the chocolate milkshake on the bottom and it really tastes like mint chocolate chip!

Please hurry with our order!  We have been waiting a whole year!

Cindy, do you really want one of these?????   Note the
chocolate on the bottom!  So good!!!!

When the 4 of us got back to Harbor Lakes, we decided to head to the pickleball courts and we had so much fun playing 4 games (close ones) before about 8 more pickleball players from the CG came to play.  So we played about 3 more games changing partners each game.  We had so much fun and the folks were so welcoming to the 4 of us!

On the way back to Wilbur, we stopped to visit Ernie and Noela for a short time before John and Cindy left to go back to their CG around 8:15.

After much needed showers, I worked on this blog, downloaded photos and watched the Olympics.  Boy, we certainly got to celebrate life today!

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