Saturday, February 10, 2018

Saturday - Warm, Sunny, Breezy Day for Craft Show on Pine Island!

After a bit of a restless night (usually happens before a Craft Show), Ken and I were up by 5:30 and were on our way to Pine Island by 6:45!

This is the 4th year I have done this craft show at the Fishers of Men Lutheran Church on Pine Island.  It is about an hour from our CG and we did stop on our way to the area where there are burrowing owls.  Fortunately, 3 of them were out and about!  They are such adorable little critters!

Amazing at how camouflaged they are!

We arrived at the Church before 8 and were set-up in plenty of time for the 9:00 start of the show.  I always enjoy being a part of this show, because we had stayed in the CG on Pine Island many times and I get to see many folks who still camp there and that proved to be the case today!  I was also thrilled that Eddie and Lori who are in our Life Group back home took the time and the drive to visit us and check out the show!  I had a great day selling sea glass pictures, but only sold 3 pieces of jewelry.  After some discussion later in the day, Ken and I decided the jewelry may have "run its course"!  We shall see!!!

1st time I was indoors for this show and I was very thankful to
be indoors today!  Way tooooo windy outside!

Always relieved to be set-up and ready to sell!

This lady and her friends live on Pine Island and have been
some of my best customers and "cheerleaders".  Always
look forward to seeing them!
Ernie and Noela had planned to get to the show around 12:30 (it ended at 1) to walk around, help us clean-up, and then have a late lunch at the Low Key Tiki Hut.  Traffic was so backed up in Matlacha, that it took them over 1 1/2 hours to get to us, so they arrived just in time to help us pack up and load.  So thankful they came!

The 4 of us drove in the CRV to the Tiki Hut and enjoyed eating outdoors overlooking the canal and having their delicious chicken skewers (for me) and scallops wrapped in bacon skewers for the rest of them.  As per usual, it was a delicious lunch.  

We were so hungry and excited to have their delicious
skewers!  It is a must stop every year, at least once or twice!

Not a bad place to enjoy having lunch!

We took a walk on the St. Jude Trail to get some palm branches for making our coconut fish and just enjoying the walk and view.  Lanie called when we got to the end of the trail so we had a very nice chat!

We spotted this eagle on its nest at the Galt Preserve!

An annual photo at the entrance to the St. Jude Trail!

On the hunt for tails for our coconut fish!

This is the "reward" for taking the short hike, sitting on this
little dock!

A great place to relax and chat with Lanie!

The 4 of us left the island in our separate vehicles around 5:30 and Ken and I stopped for about 2 hours at a CG on our way back to visit Russ and Darlene, some friends from back home.  We had a very nice time!

Only got back to our CG at 8 after being gone about 13 hours - long day, but good!  We unloaded the CRV and put everything away (WOW!) and then went to bed.  Both of us were extremely tired.

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