Sunday, February 25, 2018

Sunday - Warm, Sunny and Just Beautiful!

After getting up around 6:30, Ken did some reading and then we both got ready to go to Church.  Ken emptied tanks and vacuumed while I cooked breakfast.  Did a little work on this blog and then it was off to Edgewater.

Nice visit with new friends before the very inspiring message on Struggles.  Today's topic was intimacy from the standpoint of how social media keeps us from being "up close and personal" with our friends and family and how we should actually consider using our phone as a phone and talk to folks! Imagine that!  There was a lot of food for thought!

After church, Ken and I went across the road to the local Publix grocery store to help with Feed the Harbor where 5 churches were collecting food for their Food Banks.  Boy Scouts gave a list of needed items to folks when they entered the store and Publix's did a great job of having many of the items near the door.  Lots of the groceries on the list were "buy one get one Free"!  Amazing how the store worked with us and how generous the folks were.  We collected lots of needed items!

A well organized event!

Ken and I worked from 10:45 till 12:30 and had such a good time with all the folks from Edgewater"s food bank.  By then we were hungry so we headed to Subway, getting back to the CG around 1:30.  Ken took a nap while I wasted time playing a game on my tablet.  I have decided to "give up" playing those games until we get back home.  It wastes way too much of my time.

At 3:30 Ken and I decided to go to the beach for the sunset.  It was a gorgeous hot, sunny day, perfect for a late afternoon beach trip.  We had planned to go to Englewood, but they have a Sunday evening drum circle and there was absolutely no place to park.  So we went to Manasota Beach where we did some walking and then enjoyed an gorgeous sunset along with lots of other beach goers!

A nice time of day to be at the beach!

Another day nearly ended....

....almost gone....

....and a beautiful one it was!!!

Lots of folks enjoying the sunset!

What a great photo looking from the bath house to the life guard station and the beach -

We had a wonderful phone conversation with Jamie, Bria and Cali on our way back to the CG.  They both had great swims this weekend with Cali taking a 1st in the 5 or 6 events that she participated in - Wow!  Bria did extremely well too in her age group but was sad that she missed qualifying for Junior Olympics in the butterfly by 1 second.  What a disappointment for her!  She did qualify to participate in the Junior Olympics in about 3 events!  We are so proud of these girls and their dedication and hard work!

We were back to the CG around 7:30, ate salads, and had a chat with Cindy.  They are planning to come to the beach tomorrow and we will spend the day together.  We went to chat with Ernie and Noela and discuss our plans for 
tomorrow and see if they would like to join us.  So, the 6 of us will all be going to Manasota Beach.

Ken and I were in bed around 9:45 after a very blessed day!  Life is so Good!  

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