Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Tuesday - Hot and Sunny! Great for Kayaking!

Ken was up by 6:30 to do some reading and then we both watched about 20 minutes of the Morning News before he left for a walk with Ernie.  During their walking time, I got ready for the day, did my stretches, started packing lunches, and got breakfast started.  Ken had actually cut up fresh fruit before he left.

After breakfast and doing dishes, the 4 of us left in the CRV at 9:45 and drove about 1 1/4 hours to Estero River Outfitters to rent tandem kayaks.  We had done the same paddle last year and enjoyed the views on the Estero River and we saw numerous manatees.  We rented the kayaks for 3 hours and off we went paddling through what looked like Old Florida at the beginning. 

Waiting for our kayaks!

Off we go!!!!

Looking good!

We stopped along the shoreline and ate our lunches docked along the edge of the water in our kayaks.  After eating, we paddled another 10 minutes before turning around and heading back towards where we rented the kayaks. 

Paddling makes a person hungry!

On our way back we saw an alligator with his eyes actually open and very yellow.  We also saw numerous birds. 

It seems like we rarely see an alligator with his eyes open!

Green Heron


Great Blue Heron


Not sure which Heron this is?????

We docked at Koreshan State Park for a "potty" break and just to stretch our legs.  There was a huge tree on the ground that had fallen on top of a picnic table, probably the result of Hurricane Irma.  Ken challenged Ernie to climb it and of course, Ernie had to accept the challenge!

Docked at the State Park!

This was a HUGE fallen tree!

Oh, Ernie!!!!

Leapin' Lizard!!!

Back in the kayaks to complete our trip seeing some turtles along the way.  We had been on the water for 3 1/4 hours and had a wonderful time.  Unfortunately the water was too warm for the manatees to still be around, so they head out to the Gulf for the cooler water.  They had been seen in the Estero River just several days ago, so we were a bit disappointed we were a little too late!

On the return trip!

Lots of beautiful palm trees!

Soft shelled Turtles!

Don't you just love his outstretched legs?????

We stopped at Costco on the way back but between the 4 of us we only bought 3 items - we apologized to the check out people!!!!  We were back to the CG around 5 and our phone rang.  It was Bria and Cali calling to thank us for their Valentine cards and gifts - camping scrapbook pages.  So much fun to talk to them and I really appreciated that they enjoyed reading and looking at the pages I had created.  They are excited to go on more camping trips this summer!  Showers felt great and Ken enjoyed a short nap.  After a dinner of leftovers, Ken vacuumed while I worked on this blog.

Ernie and Noela were here from 7:15 to 9:30 and we played 3 rounds of Hand and Foot with the women 3,000 points ahead.  The men will probably want to finish the game the next time we play - not ready to "give up"!  Bed by 10!

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