Friday, February 16, 2018

Friday - Food Bank and Then Day at CG!

After an omelette breakfast and cleaning up, Ken and I left to help at the Food Bank at Edgewater Church.  About 85 folks went through today and we had a good time helping them and then cleaning up afterwards.  The people from the church that volunteer their time have been so kind and friendly to Ken and I.

We stopped at Wal-Mart on our way back to the CG for just a few items, returning around 1:45.  By then we were hungry and because it was so beautiful, we were able to eat outside!  Both of us felt extremely tired and took short naps.  I went to visit Jim and Joyce for about 1/2 hour while Ken did some studying for a Facebook Chat with one of his mentors from back home at 5:30 today.  Then we rode 3 1/2 miles around the CG for some needed exercise!

While Ken had his 45 minute "chat", I did some coconut fish painting outside.  After dinner and clean-up, Ernie and Noela stopped by for about an hour chat.  They had driven to a State Park near Plant City and then stopped at Parksdale Market for their delicious strawberry shortcake sundaes and strawberry milkshakes.

I downloaded photos and worked on this blog while we watched the Olympics.  We haven't had the opportunity to "tune in" too much these week, so we enjoyed seeing some of the skiing events!

I finished the dessert I had started earlier today that I will take to a picnic tomorrow with folks from back home!  We headed to bed around 9:30!

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