Saturday, February 3, 2018

Saturday - Cool Morning and Then Partly Sunny and Mild

Ken left for a walk with Ernie around 7:15 while I got ready for the day, cleaned up and started breakfast.  It was an omelette morning and lots of delicious fresh fruit.  More dishes and then time to relax drinking my chai.

We worked together to pack our lunches and then Ken put a new mirror on my bike and took the bike rack and the bikes over to Ernie's truck and put them on the back.  

At 10:30 the 4 of us left to go to Boca Grande on Gasparilla Island for the day.  It is such a gorgeous island with lots of amazing homes and beautiful beach areas.  There are 2 lighthouses, Gasparilla Island State Park, and a bike trail that goes through the island.  We parked around 9th Street and spent about an hour walking the beach and picking up shark's teeth and nice shells.  

Not many people on this beach this morning!

The water is such a beautiful color!

The entrance to this house.......

....just a small house on the beach!

This one isn't too shabby either!

On the hunt!

Lots of whole shella on the beach....

....and Noela was searching!!!  Ernie is supervising!!!

From there we drove to an area with covered picnic tables overlooking the Gulf.  What a gorgeous place to have lunch.  Last time there it was the 4 of us plus Chuck and Melissa and it was so cold we had on hats and gloves.  It was gorgeous and warm today!

What a great place to eat our picnic lunch!

The Happy Foursome!

This lighthouse was very close to where we
ate our lunch.  They have been repairing and
painting it for several years.

It is finally completed and looked terrific!


After lunch, it was time to ride our bikes, so we drove to the end of the island where there is another light house and a great place to look for more shells.  Back on our bikes to ride to the shopping area in the center of the island to get some delicious ice cream at the Pink Pony.  After riding about 5 1/2 miles we loaded up the bikes and headed back to the CG.  What a nice day and fun adventure!

Another pretty lighthouse!

A nice bike and golf cart path off the road!

Riding to get ice cream.

We showered, downloaded pictures, and I worked on this blog while Ken took a needed rest - he gets up way too early!  Ken grilled chicken and steak and we had a delicious dinner.  Ernie and Noela were here from 7:30 to 9:15.  

Do you remember the game of Hand and Foot we played on Thursday evening?  We played 3 rounds and the men were winning by 3,500 points - a sure win, right????  Wrong!  Noela thought we should finish the game instead of just declaring them the winners and since I still had the score sheet, we decided to play the last round.  Would you believe the women won by about 35 points, because the men never laid anything down and obviously didn't get into their foot.  Wow, what a amazing victory for the women!!!!  We also played one game of Skip-Bo which the men won by a slight about 4 cards.  What a night!!!

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  1. Yay!! Way to go ladies!! Wish we were there! (Doloris)