Monday, February 5, 2018

Monday - A Gorgeous Beach Day!

Ken was up around 6 and I appeared at 7:15.  He left for a walk with Ernie while I got ready, did my stretches, and then started breakfast - omelettes and fresh fruit!

After we ate and cleaned up, we packed our lunches to take to the beach.  We talked with Ernie and Noela before we left and they had errands they needed to do today - no beach!  We left at 9:45 and headed to Manasota Beach to met John and Cindy.  There was a major accident on Route 80, so it took them quite a long time to get to the beach.   Ken and I were there by 10:30 and he left immediately for a long walk on the beach, about 3 hours.  I decided to go on a shark's tooth hunt too.  There were some strong waves on the Gulf today and with the churning of the water, we found lots of shark's teeth.

Can you see the shark's teeth????

More shark's teeth!

The beach wasn't very crowded today!

Cindy and John got there at 12:30 and when I went back to relax, John and I had a good chat.  Cindy and Ken joined us and we all ate our lunches.  Then John took a long walk down the beach and found some VERY large teeth - impressive!  Cindy and I spent time together walking the beach while chatting and searching!  I love spending time with my sister.  

Ken and I left the beach around 5 after a fun-filled day.  I made us salads while he showered and got ready to go to Celebrate Recovery.  He left at 6:45 and I played some computer games (I am making up for the 9 days when I gave up game playing!), showered, and worked on this blog.  I should have made some sea glass pictures for this Saturday's craft show, but I just didn't feel like it!  Have to get too many supplies out with only a few hours to work - just not worth it!

Ken was back by 9 and we watched the show "Better Late Than Never".  It is silly but entertaining!  Bed by 10 after another day to celebrate life!

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