Thursday, February 8, 2018

Thursday - Warm and Sunny!

Ken left at 6:15 for the Men's Bible Study at Edgewater.  He had volunteered to bring "breakfast" so it was fresh fruit and pastry morning.  I slept till 7:15 and then spent time addressing Valentine's cards for our family back home and packaging scrapbook pages for our granddaughters that I had created from our 2 camping trips with them last summer.  I had started camping scrapbooks for them the 1st time they went with us and keep adding pages each year.  It is rather time consuming but so much fun to remember our adventures together and how much they change each year.

Ken was back from 7:45 to 8:45 when he returned to the church to help unload trucks and set-up for tomorrow's food bank.  He took all the cards and packages with him because the Post Office is next door to the church!  It was time to get them in the mail if I want them to get to PA before Valentine's Day!

Noela stopped by to talk about plans for today and tomorrow and just to chat.  Then it was my opportunity to phone numerous friends and family and "catch up" on life!  I was thrilled to talk with Deb back home and realize that although her husband is going thru some tough medical challenges and she is the caregiver, she seems to be doing well and he is definitely improving!  I also talked with my mother, and Ginny and Jamie, ladies  in our apartment building back home, and Joyce.  So good to connect with all of them.

I wanted to start making some sea glass pictures, but next on the agenda was stretching exercises and devotions.   It was 11 before I knew what happened and time to get out all the necessary supplies to be "crafty"!  Where did the morning go????  I only got glass sorted and 1 picture made until Ken returned around 12:30.  

He ate a quick lunch and I ate mine in the car on the way to the beach.  I had planned to craft this afternoon, but tomorrow's weather looks a bit "iffy", so we decided to go today and stay around on Friday after we return from the Food Bank around 1.  We chose Blind Pass Beach today and were there from 1:45 till 4:30.  Most of that time we were walking north on the beach where there are lots of shells and a fair amount of shark's teeth.  The winds shifted and it got cooler around 4, so it was time to leave!  

Ken walked farther up the beach then I did and there were
lots of shells but no one on the beach!  Too far from the
parking lot!

Back to Wilbur where showers felt terrific!  I downloaded photos and worked on this blog.  Wraps and zucchini pasta with veggies made a delicious dinner!  We walked over to Ernie and Noela's screened gazebo where we played Skip-Bo (men won) and then chatted over tea and coffee.  In bed by 10!

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