Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Wednesday - Another Sunny, Hot Day!


Ken woke up very early and couldn't go back to sleep, so he got up and did some reading.  I woke at 6:30 and by then he was getting tired, so he went back to rest for about 45 minutes while I got ready and started breakfast.

After doing the dishes and making sure we had everything packed and ready to go for our day trip to Cindy and John's, we left at 8:30 and headed to their CG in LaBelle, FL about 1 1/4 hours away.  We stopped at a Race Trac for gas and coffee for Ken before arriving at their CG around 10.

After doing some chatting, we headed to the pickleball courts where we had such a good time.  We switch partners after every game and I must tell you that no matter who plays together, the games are usually very competitive and the scores are close!  It was an off and on sunny morning with a breeze, so it was a great day to play.  After about 7 games and a little over 2 hours, we decided it was time to stop.  Fortunately both Ken and I really didn't feel stiff from all our kayaking yesterday and my back was comfortable while we paddled and when playing pickleball today!  I was so thankful!

Back to Harvey around 12:30 and we sat outside in the shade and fantastic breeze sharing life.  Then we decided it was time to play some of those competitive men vs. women games.  It was gorgeous to play outside at the picnic table and both teams were winners - Skip-Bo for the ladies and 5 Crowns for the men. 

The Happy "Gamers"!

By then it was 4 and hunger had set in, so we drove to The Log Cabin for another delicious barbeque meal.  They had a meal for 2 special for Valentine's day that included barbequed pork, ribs, chicken, and beef with 4 sides for $19.99, so that is what Ken and I decided to indulge in.  It also included complimentary potato soup and a scoop of ice cream - wow!  It was a delicious meal.  

Not sure what Cindy and John didn't want to look at????

We left the restaurant at 5:15, said our good-byes in the parking lot, and Ken and I were on our way back to Wilbur.  No stops on the return trip and we pulled into Harbor Lakes at 6:45.  Ken went outside to catch up on some e-mails while I did this blog and then did more painting on my coconut fish while watching the Olympics.

What a delightful day and I love being with my sister and her husband, John.  We always have a great time!  I am blessed to have such a very special relationship with my one and only sister!  Life is Good!

I did get a call from Samantha and Katelyn to wish me a Happy Valentine's Day and to thank me for the camping scrapbook pages!  So good to talk to them!


  1. We have eaten at the Log Cabin...great place! Too much food!

  2. looks fun, I do want to go that Log Cabin with my husband as well