Thursday, February 22, 2018

Thursday - A Catch-Up Day at the Campground!

Ken was up early to do his "morning routine"!  I had a rather restless night, so I only appeared at 7:45.  Ken did not have his Men's Bible Study this morning, so he was making breakfast for us when I got up - what a guy!!

After a delicious breakfast, Ken left around 8:45 to go to Edgewater Church to help unload the truck and set-up for tomorrow's Food Bank.  I only left our campsite 1 time today to go over to Noela to borrow some purple paint!  Other than that, I was inside Wilbur almost all day.  We have a craft/garage sale at the CG this Saturday and you can set-up right in front of your RV.  So I had a lot I wanted to do today to get ready for that sale.  

Today I also wanted to call numerous folks I hadn't talked to for quite awhile including Mom, Doloris, Deb Eberly, and Jane Good.  Doloris and Fred left PA this morning (3 AM) to head to Florida for about 2 weeks.  We are looking forward to seeing them. I wanted to get an update from Deb and Jane because both of their husbands are in recovery from some health issues.  I am happy to report that everyone is improving and that Mom and Dad are very healthy this winter!

After getting ready and doing my morning stretches, I made a dessert for a pot luck luncheon we are having at the church tomorrow for all of us who work at the Food Bank.  We are looking forward to getting to know all those folks even better.  I spent the rest of the morning painting my coconut fish.  I can't believe how much time I have spent on each one, but I really do enjoy it and find it rather relaxing!

Ken was back at 12:45 after stopping for a few items at Wal-Mart.  After eating lunch, he took a short nap while I put the tails on my fish and did any touch-up that was necessary!  I now have 9 fish ready to be sold except for about 2 coats of spray varnish, which we will do tomorrow.  It was too windy to do it today!

My next project was a big one - go through all my beads and bag the ones I want to sell.  I plan to have a big sale on my jewelry and to be done making pendants and earrings for craft shows.  I have enjoyed making the jewelry, but it has "run its course" and I am ready to be done with that particular craft!  It took me hours to go through all of the beads, but it is done - hallelujah!  Now let's hope I can sell them and move on!

Ken did a lot of reading while I was sorting beads and we both watched some of the Olympics.  By 10 we were in bed and both of us were tired.  It was a busy day and I could tell I sat too much - I was rather stiff and ached!

Ernie and Noela had gone to Fort DeSota today with Jim and Joyce and were gone all day.  

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