Monday, February 19, 2018

Monday - What Can I Say? Another Gorgeous, Sunny, Warm Day!

Ken was up at 6:30 and left at 7:15 to walk with Ernie.  I had a very restless night and only fell asleep after 1 AM, so I only made an appearance at 8.  I did some clean-up, got ready, and by then Ken had returned.  We cut-up fruit for breakfast and it was so beautiful and warm already that we ate outside!

Ken did some work outside including washing all of his "treasures" from yesterday and I did my stretches and vacuumed.  Also returned bakeware to Noela and talked about our schedules for the next several days.  At 10 I went to Stephanie, a gal in our CG, that is a licensed beautician to get a much needed haircut.  Back to Wilbur to style my hair and Ken left for his haircut - much needed also!!!  

I worked on this blog and then spent some time painting fish!  We changed and left the CG at 1:00 to meet Donna, who lives below us at home, and her friend Brian, who leaves in Venice, for lunch at Farlows on the Water.  She is visiting for 10 days and we were happy she called to see if we could get together while she was here.  It was a gorgeous day to eat outside and as per usual, the food was delicious.

They asked if they could stop by the CG to see Wilbur because Brian is seriously considering buying a motorhome.  They took the short tour through Wilbur and decided it was a floor plan that they really liked.  They left after about 15 minutes and I went back to painting fish while Ken made salads.  He did some reading outside and we ate a light dinner. 

Ken left at 6:45 for Celebrate Recovery and I did my devotions.  I went over to visit Ernie and Noela for a short time and enjoyed a cup of hot tea while there.  Back to Wilbur to continue painting and watching the Olympics.  Ken was back around 8:45 and headed to bed around 9:45.  I worked on this blog and enjoyed watching the Couples Free Dance skating.

It was a fairly relaxing day!  Looking forward to a bike ride starting in Venice tomorrow and we will be joined by Ernie and Noela and Rick and Joyce.  Of course, 1st things 1st and we will have to go to the Upper Crust for a scone! 

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