Friday, February 23, 2018

Friday - Busy, Blessed Day!

After our normal morning routine and a light breakfast, Ken and I headed outside to spray varnish my coconut fish.  These things are a lot of work, but oh so cute!!!  There was very little breeze this morning, so a good time to spray paint outside!

The fish are ready for a new home!!!

We were at Edgewater Church to help with the Food Bank at 9:15 and we had lots of fruits, veggies, desserts and bread to offer the folks who came today.  They are only allowed to come 2x per month and with this being the last Friday of February, we only had about 80 people.  We did a great job of getting rid of most of the perishable items.  

Lots and lots of fruit this week!

Plenty of veggies too!

Some amazing desserts that looked delicious!

They could have as many bread items as they wanted, because
this is only about 2/3 of what we had!

The doors close at 12:30 and after cleaning up and getting the chairs and tables in their proper place, about 25 of us who manned the Food Bank stayed for a pot luck luncheon.  We had so much delicious food and it was great to get to know a lot of the folks on a more personal level.  This has become a very special group for Ken and I.  At least half of us our snowbirds, so it is hard to imagine the "skeleton" crew that is here during the summer months to serve the same amount of "clients".

A fun loving and hard working crew that work at the Food Bank!

Ken and I were back to Wilbur by 1:45 and we did another coat on the fish.  Ken rested while I did some reading and visiting with Noela and Joyce, and then with Neil and Nancy. 

This is at Ernie and Noela's sits.  She enjoyed stringing shells
and painting fish!

Jamie called and we talked with her and Bria and Cali for about 45 minutes - what a nice chat!  They are doing well, but Jamie said she is ready for us to come home.  So nice to know we are missed!  Bria and Cali were supposed to have a swim meet in York this weekend, but the location was changed because of threats of shootings at the school.  The students there were sent home early on Tuesday and had no school the rest of the week.  What is this world coming to????   There swim meet was able to be relocated and will still go on this weekend!

We played a game of shuffleboard with Ernie and Noela (men won again!) and then Ken and I played and it was 71 to 71 on the last rotation and he won by 7 points - so sad!!!!

Back to Wilbur for a very light dinner, clean-up and then Ernie and Noela came over to play a game of Hand and Foot.  The men lead through the 1st 3 rounds, but Noela and I "whipped" them in the 4 round to win the game!  Yes!!!

By 10 we were in bed because we have to get up early for the Garage Sale/Craft Show here in the CG.  Hopefully it won't be too windy because we will set up in front of our RV.

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