Thursday, February 1, 2018

Thursday - The Perfect Beach Day!

Ken left for the men's 6:30 Bible Study at Edgewater Church and I got up around 6:45.  I did my stretches, showered, and then had a wonderful phone conversation with my good friend, Polly, back in Lititz.  It was so nice to chat with her.

Ken returned for about an hour to have breakfast and then headed back to the church to help unload trucks and set-up for tomorrow's Food Bank.  I spent the rest of the morning dusting and scouring Wilbur while talking to another fantastic friend and fellow camper, Melissa.  She and Chuck are wintering in San Antonio, TX.  We talked about our families, weather, camping adventures, some health issues, and just life in general.  We had such a good time chatting.  

Ken returned around 11 (earlier than usual) and he did some set-up outside while I continued cleaning.  We packed our lunches, changed, and by noon we were on our way to meet Ernie and Noela at Blind Pass Beach near Englewood.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day with lots of sunshine, a slight breeze, and temperatures in the upper 70's - perfect!  All 4 of us spent most of our time walking the beach and looking for "treasures".  Ken found some nice sized shark's teeth and several pieces of sea glass.  I had a good amount of shark's teeth but none of them were very large.

Ken walked way up the beach to look for shark's teeth and
not many people were there!

We all left the beach at 4:30 and headed back to the CG.  Then the work began for Ken and I.  He did dishes while I showered and then I made salads for dinner tonight and tomorrow which created more dishes.  I also got some fresh broccoli ready to roast in my convection oven.  Ken grilled salmon and chicken and we enjoyed a delicious dinner.  Then there were more dishes (how does that keep happening?)!  Ken vacuumed while I finished some cleaning.  We completed everything just before Ernie and Noela arrived to play Hand and Foot.  It was another victorious night for the men but we did get to use our new card shuffler and what a great, little device!  Ken and I were in bed by 10.

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