Saturday, February 17, 2018

Saturday - Another Gorgeous Day!

Ken was up early to read and then left at 7:15 to meet Ernie for a walk.  I got up just as Ken was leaving and did my stretches. I talked to Cindy after she had messaged me that our cousin, Mary and her husband, are at their home in Sarasota and wondered if we could all get together.  After some discussion, I called Mary with a plan for Wednesday and the 6 of us will get together at Farlow's for lunch and then to Manasota Beach for the afternoon.  We are all looking forward to seeing each other!

Pictures from Ken's early morning walk!

After breakfast and clean-up, we walked to the shuffleboard courts with Ernie and Noela for one of those competitive games of men vs. women.  We had so much fun with an hour long game, but the men won!  Looking forward to a revenge match!

Ken and I left the CG at 12 and went to Detweiler's Market for produce before going to Rick and Joyce's house.  The 4 of us rode together to Frank and Barb's home near Sarasota where about 25 of us (former and current PA couples) got together for a picnic. Frank and Barb just got an agreement on their home in Ephrata and will be moving permanently to their Florida home by the end of March.  Most of the folks at the picnic are attendees of LCBC Church back home!

Brab and Frank's soon to be permanent home!  Beautiful!

It was a gorgeous day for a picnic and so much fun to get to know many of these folks for the 1st time or get to know them so much better!  We were thankful that Barb and Frank included us for this picnic!

We left there at 6:00 and then played double deck Pinochle at Rick and Joyce's with the men winning by a very small margin. As always, it was a lot of fun!  We were back to the CG by 10:15 and off to bed we went!!!!

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