Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sunday - Hot, Sunny, Warm Day!

Ken had a rather restless night and was up very early to read and study.  We got ready for Edgewater Church and arrived there around 9.  What a great service and new sermon series called "Hash Tag: Struggles"!  This week's sermon was on Contentment which is a hard concept to achieve for so many people.  We found it extremely enlightening!

We sat with our friends, Eddie and Lori Paparo, at Church and then said our good-byes to Lori who was flying home this morning to spend 10 days with her new granddaughter who was born on Valentine's Day!  Eddie will stay here until Lori's return and then they will head back to PA the end of March.

Ken and I came right back to Wilbur, finished packing our lunches, and left for Manasota Beach by 11:30.  It was a positively gorgeous day on the beach.  Ken and I both decided to go for a walk around 12:30 on the beach to search for shark's teeth.  (It is so addictive!).  I was back to my chair by 2:30 but at 3:30 Ken had still not returned.  I called him and he was about 2 1/2 miles down the beach but having such a fantastic time finding amazing shark's teeth and lots of them.  Ernie and Noela came from 3:30 to 5 to take a swim in the Gulf.  The temperature was in the mid 80's and the water 73 degrees.  Ken joined us at 4 after getting 14,000 steps, but he certainly had some unbelievable teeth!  He was so excited.  

Fairly busy beach day!

Ken walked to a secluded area and went through these piles
of shells finding amazing shark's teeth!

The 4 of us left the beach at 5.  I worked on this blog, cleaned up, and made salads for dinner.  Ken and I decided to work together and made a double batch of oat bran muffins, but we only started the process around 8.  While we mixed and they baked, we watched the Olympics.  We only went to bed around 11, way too late for these "old" folks!

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