Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Wednesday - Another Gorgeous Day!

After we watched about 20 minutes of the Morning News, Ken left to walk with Ernie.  I did some clean-up, stretches, and showered till he returned.  We had another omelette breakfast and lots of good fresh fruit!  Ken volunteered to do the dishes (and there were lots!) while I continued cleaning Wilbur.

A couple we met from Maine, Burt and Pat, were coming to the CG around 2:30 and then the 4 of us were going to Casey Key Fish House for a late lunch.  So, we spent quite a bit of time cleaning both inside and out.  The place looks amazing if I do say so myself!

I downloaded photos and worked on this blog and Ken ran the generator for several hours which is a necessary thing to do occasionally. We had such a great phone conversation with Bria, Cali, and Jamie.  Their school was closed today because of some snow but mostly freezing rain.  It has been quite a winter in PA - so sorry I missed all the cold, ice, and snow - NOT!!!! 

Ken vacuumed and I finished the dusting and scouring.  At 2:30 we were sitting outside awaiting the arrival of Burt and Pat, folks we met at the Food Bank and who showed us their condo that they had purchased last spring.  We took them on a tour of Wilbur (a rather short one) and then sat inside chatting.  

Around 3:30 we got into the CRV and the 4 of us headed to Casey Key Fish House for a "lupper".  (Well, almost dinner!).  We were able to eat outside and didn't even have to wait.  This is definitely one of Ken's favorite places to get grouper.  I think Burt and Pat enjoyed their meals too!

What a nice time eating outside with a great view of the water!

From there we took them for the drive on Casey Key Road to see the gorgeous mansions!  When we got close to Nokomis Beach, Ken and I remembered that tonight is the Drum Circle and Burt and Pat said they have heard about it but never been there.  So, we stopped and only had to wait about 30 minutes for sunset.  It was one of the largest crowds we have seen there - at least 500 people!  Crazy when you think they have it every Wednesday and Saturday night!!!

Arriving at the Drum Circle!

The birds decided to join in too!

The sun is starting to set ........



We were back to the campground by 7 and they decided to head back home.  Just as we walked inside, I got a call from Doloris a camping friend in PA.  We had a nice, long conversation and are all looking forward to them coming to Florida for 2 weeks leaving PA on February 21.  They will be staying in their 5th wheel in the Tampa area near her sister and her husband, so we will probably only get together several times, but it will be fun!

At 8, Ken and I went over to visit with Ernie and Noela in their screened porch and we had fun just chatting.  Back to Wilbur around 9:15 and right to bed.  We must be getting old!!!

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