Friday, January 5, 2018

Friday - Another Cold, But Sunny Day!

Ken did some reading till I got up around 6:45.  We watched the morning news and could not believe the weather throughout the northeast.  The water surge is amazing and the amount of ice it puts on the roads!  What is happening????

After getting ready and cooking breakfast, we decided to play a game of Hand and Foot (too cold and windy to play pickleball!).  While playing, we got a call from Jamie and the girls.  There was a 2 hour school delay because of the below zero wind chill, so we had the opportunity to talk to all 3 of them!  What a special time!  They are more than ready for the cold weather to go away!!!!

We finished our card game after our phone conversation and I was the winner by "lots"!  Loved it!  Ernie and Noela stopped by to say hello before they headed out to run some errands!  Ken did some necessary paperwork and I worked on the blog.  Then it was time for me to do my devotions!

Each of us made some phone calls one of which Ken made to Amazon to report an item that we did not receive even though they said it was delivered.  What an amazing company.  Ken went online and e-mailed them some info and they asked if we wanted to talk to someone.  Within 5 seconds he got a call from a gentleman at Amazon and even though his records showed the package arriving to us he quickly credited our account.  What a company!

Ken and I took a walk around the CG before leaving to help at the Food Bank at Edgewater Church.  What a unique and rewarding experience!  It is open every Friday and is so well organized.  We were there from 3:30 to 6:15 and grateful we had the opportunity to be a part of it.  We plan to help every Friday while we are in Florida!

So many baked items were available this week - cookies, donuts
cake, muffins, etc.

Lots of fruit and veggies too!

Upon our return to the CG we made salads for dinner, cleaned up, and then left a message for Ernie and Noela that they were welcome to come over to place cards.  They must have had plans so Ken and I played 2 rounds of Hand and Foot and I am beating him handily!  Lanie called and we had a great phone conversation.  Her girls did not have school for the last 2 days, one because of snow and today because of the frigid cold temperatures!

Ken and I were in bed before 10 after a day of accomplishments and having a great time talking with family.  Hopefully it will be a bit warmer tomorrow, but I think the real warm-up only starts on Sunday.  I am ready!

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