Friday, January 19, 2018

Friday - Cool Start and Then a Nice Day!

Ken was up before me, as per usual, and it was 61 degrees in Wilbur - Cold!  For some reason, he decided to turn on the propane furnace and see if it would run (quite the optimist!).  Well, bingo, it ran fine and in no time Wilbur was up to 70 degrees.  I couldn't believe that it was warm when I got up!

We did some chatting, had a light breakfast, and then decided I would stay at the CG while Ken went to work at the Food Bank at Edgewater Church.  I called Gary right before Ken left and he said he would be by sometime this morning.  Ken was gone from 8:45 to 12:45 and I kept busy while he was gone.  Did some clean-up around Wilbur, did my devotions, and then made some jewelry!

Gary and his worker stopped by and said the refrigerator needs a new cooling coil and we might as well put a new gas regulator on the furnace since we have had some trouble with it before.  Fortunately we have an extended warranty because he said the refrigerator repair is rather pricey!  By doing both repairs at the same time we will only have to pay the deductible one time - YES!  The bad news is that he will have to order the parts and because of his very busy schedule, he may not be able to get back to fix them until the latter part of next week!  Well, we do have heat, if needed, and neighbors who can keep our food in their refrigerator.  It may be a bit inconvenient, but we are thankful to have such good neighbors.  We are definitely getting to know Jim and Joyce better during this process!

Ken and I ate lunch when he returned and then finished loading things and drove to Englewood Sports Complex to set-up for Saturday's Craft Show.  All went well and we were back to Wilbur around 3:45.  

After "retrieving" our food, we made salads for dinner and Ken grilled chicken sausage, onions and peppers.  After cleaning up, Ken had a call with one of his buddies from CR.  At 7:30, Ernie and Noela came over to play cards!  It was a fantastic night for the women winning both Uno and Skip-Bo.  I think the "boys" are getting a bit discouraged!  That's 2 nights in a row that they didn't win a game!

I finished this blog and Ken did some messaging before heading to bed at 9:45.  Looking forward to a good craft show tomorrow (I hope!).

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