Saturday, January 6, 2018

Saturday - Another Cool, Breezy Day!

Ken and I watched the morning news, got ready for the day, and then Ken cut-up fresh fruit.  I got the veggies ready for omelettes and then we both did some devotions and reading before making breakfast.

Because we hadn't heard from Ernie and Noela last night, we decided to walk over to their site and see what was happening!  Turns out I had called and sent a message to the wrong phone number last evening, so they never knew they were invited to Wilbur to play cards.  Oops!!!!  We had a nice time chatting and decided we would go to a hiking trail at Charlotte Flat Woods Environmental Park, a place where we had gone last year and collected apple snail shells.  It is also where we had seen our 1st and only lipkins!  We planned to leave around 2:30.

Ken and I came back to Wilbur and made breakfast, cleaned-up, and he did some financial "stuff" on the computer while I did some scrapbook pages for our granddaughters highlighting our camping trips together this past summer.  Then I got our all my finished sea glass pictures to check out my inventory and was pleased that I have enough product for my upcoming craft show on Jan. 20.  I invited Noela over to pick one as a gift.

After a light lunch, the 4 of us left in their truck for our hiking adventure, which was about a 40 minute drive.  We found lots of apple shells as soon as we started hiking the trail.  We took the bags of shells back to the truck and then began our 2 1/4 mile hike.  I decided to put on my SAS, which I hadn't worn for quite a long time.  It went well, probably because of the soft ground trail instead of stone, pavement, or macadem.  Noela and I walked ahead of the men and when they returned to the truck we thought they were kidding when they said they saw about 8 limpkins and 2 bald eagles!  But, they were telling the truth which was confirmed with the pictures Ken had taken.  Somehow Noela and I hadn't seen any of them.

A nice play to take a hike!

1st critter we saw when we started our walk and he was a
good size.  Not one for Ken to wrestle!

A very green trail!

Love the dark blue herons!

Blue herons are rather majestic!

Limpkins can really blend in with their surroundings!

Limpkins and juvenile ibis!

A limpkin perched on a branch!

A Bald Eagle!

Ken liked taking the fruit and flower pictures!

Unique sky!

Good-bye to the alligator!
On our way back to the CG, we stopped at the Encore Gulf View Resort to see if we could find where Russ and Darlene Auker, our former neighbors, were camping for the winter.  We finally found their site on the last street we drove down!  Both of them had spent the day indoors because they have bad colds.  We introduced them to Ernie and Noela but only stayed a very short time since they weren't feeling well.  We will probably all get together another time.

We were back to Harbor Lakes around 6:15 in time for each of us to make dinner (it was leftovers for us!).  I worked on this blog and Ken went through the photos he had taken today, only saving the best ones out of the MANY he took!

A sunset photo from the car on the bridge at Charlotte Harbor!

At 7:30 we went to Ernie and Noela's to watched the documentary, "What the Health" on Netflix!  Jamie has been wanting us to watch it, so tonight was the night!  We made sure we ate dinner, especially the meat, before the viewing!  The documentary is a bit drastic, but good "food" for thought!  It opened up a lot of discussion for the 4 of us!  We were back to Wilbur by 9:45 and it was off to bed!

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