Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Tuesday - A Beautiful Day in Florita!

Ken was up around 7:30 but I only appeared at 8:30 when Lanie called and I heard the phone ring.  How nice to have a great conversation with our daughter.  Hard to imagine that on Jan. 26 she will be 40!  How does that happen??  We are too young to have a 40 year old!  

After our conversation, Ken and I made omelettes for breakfast and discussed some of the things we want to do this winter while in Florida, sort of a short term bucket list!  Then it was down to the "short" list of what do we want to accomplish today!!!  It was sunny and supposed to be in the upper 70's, but we felt it was a day to do some "catch up" things, like vacuuming and laundry!

Then we were so excited to get a phone call from Jamie - wow, calls from both of our daughters on the same day!  We talked for about an hour about all kinds of things.  Another joyful chat!  We are so blessed!

So, we stopped to chat with Ernie and Noela regarding our plans for the day when we were on the way to the laundry.  After loading the washing machines, we stopped to get some info from fellow campers regarding their sign offering massage therapy.  I wanted to ask if she can help with pain from scoliosis.  I am experiencing some on going pains and would like to get some relief.  She obviously can't guarantee that she can help, but she is fairly certain it would be beneficial.  So tomorrow I am seeing her for a 1 hour massage.  I am very hopeful!  

Ken and I took a short walk and then he went back to Wilbur to do some reading while I finished the wash, joining me when it was about finished so he could help load it in the car.  As soon as we got back, we had a late, light lunch, put everything in its proper place, and then I did some reading and devotions.  I also worked on the blog.

At 4 Ken and I went on Facebook Messenger to talk with Bria and Cali.  That was a special time too.  We talked about school, their swimming and field hockey, and then they took us around their rooms showing us some of the things they had gotten from their Mimi for Christmas.  We will have to do that more often and with Samantha and Katelyn too!

I did more work on the blog while Ken did some clean-up.  Then we did some stretching to a RV Yoga CD that Ken had purchased several years ago.  It went fairly well, but my back does not have a lot of flexibility.  It is something we should keep doing and hopefully it will be helpful!

We had something different for dinner that I had never made before - zucchini noodles that we put through a spiral maker that Polly had given me for Christmas.  I sauteed the noodles and then added some leftover chicken and veggies as well as a delicious tomato basil spaghetti sauce - what a treat!  It really was delicious.  This meal will definitely be repeated!

Ernie and Noela came over at 7:15 and we finished our game of Hand and Foot.  The men won by a huge margin - it just wasn't right!  We had enough time for a game of Skip-Bo and although the women were winning fairly handily, the men won by 1 card - crazy!  

By 9:45 Ken and I were in bed to do some reading.  This was such a good day shared with family and friends!

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