Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tuesday - Sunny, Mild Day!

Ken met Ernie for part of his walk while I got ready for the day, did my devotions, and then had breakfast.  I decided not to play pickleball since we were going on a long bike ride today.  I did watch the Morning News and there was a segment on Babcock Ranch, the solar development we had toured yesterday.  I found it very interesting to hear about it on National News!

The canal behind the campground.
Our sites backs up to it!

Not the Blue Heron between the
palm trees!

Ken loaded our bikes and by 10:30 we were on our way to Rick and Joyce's home in Venice.  I had not ridden bike since November so not certain how my back and hip would do!  Because of that, we decided to drive to the Publix parking lot on Laurel Road and start our ride from there instead of their house.  So, we rode to the Legacy Trail, getting on at the Laurel Road entrance.  What a nice ride! 

The Legacy Trail is a beautiful bike ride!

We crossed over Route 41 to Casey Key Fish House for a delicious lunch sitting outdoors with a great view of the water.  The 4 of us had a great time chatting and sharing life!  

We had to wait just a little at the Casey Key Fish House because
it was busy!

The Happy Bikers!

Our bellies are full and it was time to get back on our bikes!

We continued our bike ride on Casey Key Road, a ride we take every year viewing all the huge homes, gorgeous landscaping, and phenomenal views of the ocean.  On our way back to our vehicles, Joyce and I realized the "boys" were not within site.  So, Joyce called Rick and Ken had a flat tire.  Joyce met Rick to get a truck key and Joyce and I rode our bikes to the truck and she went to "pick up" the boys.  Fortunately, we were a little less that 2 miles from Publix when we had the problem!

What a view!

We decided to stop at Nokomis Grove on the way back for their delicious vanilla and orange swirl ice cream - so good!  We spent the evening playing cards at Rick and Joyce's with the women being the winners of Hand and Foot and double deck Pinochle.  We really came from behind in our Pinochle game.

Delicious orange and vanilla ice cream!

Ken and I were back to the CG around 9:30 and went right to bed.  We had an 18 mile bike ride today and I am so thankful for how well my back and hip cooperated.  I believe bike riding may be good exercise!

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