Thursday, January 11, 2018

Thursday - Beautiful, Warm, Sunny Day! A Beach Day!

Ken left the CG at 6:15 for a Men's Bible Study at the Church. I had a rather tough night, experiencing leg pains following my massage.  I figured some discomfort was to be expected.  She had recommended a new position for sleeping (one I think makes sense), but my body wasn't sure is liked it!  So, it was a restless night!

I only got up at 7:45 and spent my alone time cleaning up, having a light breakfast, doing devotions, and showering.  Then I did some dusting and scrubbing.  

Ken stayed after the Bible Study to help unload some trucks and set-up for the food bank at the Church tomorrow morning.  He also had a chance to talk with the couple who head the Bike Ministry, which started in 2002.  Last year they gave out and repaired over 800 bikes.  They are given free of charge to the homeless or people who have no other means of transportation.  They will repair a bike up to 3X's for no charge and after that it only costs $3.00.  All the bikes are donated, found, or brought there from the local police departments.  Some bikes that require little work and are in good shape are sold at the Church's Thrift Shop and the proceeds sustain the bike ministry.  Some of the extra bikes are sent to a Sister Church in Cuba.  They just sent 70 bikes that were recently repaired.  What a great service provided through the Church.  Ken only returned to the CG at 11:15.

This is the area in the church that is set aside for the bike repair!

By 11:30 we were on our way to Farlow's on the Water to have lunch with Ernie and Noela, Rick and Joyce, and Jim and Joyce!  It was a gorgeous sunny day with temperatures getting close to 80.  Lunch was so delicious and we all had a great time being together.  Service was a bit slow, so we were there alittle over 2 hours. 

What a group!

From there the 8 of us headed to Manasota Beach!  The beach was fairly crowded today (1 of the 1st really sunny and warm days in 10 days or so), but a good day for shark's teeth.  Ken was on the hunt the entire 2 hours we were there!

Rick on the shark tooth hunt!

Joyce is using her small scoop to find shark's teeth in the water!

A great day to be on the beach with friends!

We left the beach around 4:30 and Rick and Joyce came back to the CG to spend the evening with us playing games and just having a good time.  They also brought along their belt sander so they could trim the plexiglass that Rick and Ken had installed on our storm door last week.  When the sun would shine on it the warmth caused the plexiglass to bow just slightly, so it needed a "haircut".  Now it looks and work even better than before.  Did I tell you how much I love having it on the door???? Now I can have the outside door open even if the heat or air conditioning is running, making me feel like I am outdoors!  This gal is so happy!!!!

We had a few snacks while playing Hand and Foot which the men won "big time".  It is rather frustrating!  Then we played double deck Pinochle and the men won again!  This has got to end!!!!   Rick and Joyce left around 10:30 after a wonderful time of fun and sharing.  We are hoping to get together 1 or 2X's a week while we are wintering here in Florida!  They are truly special friends!

We headed right to bed after a fun filled day!  Life is Good!

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