Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Wednesday - A Beautiful, Warm, Sunny Day!

Ken had done some reading when I got up in time to watch the Morning News.  He decided to catch up with Ernie for part of his walk, but after walking about 15 minutes, he started having pain in his knee (it had been hurting off and on) so he came back.

We had a light breakfast and then called Jamie to talk and sing Happy Birthday.  Our "baby" is 38 today!  Where do the years go?  We had a nice conversation and she was talking via her new birthday gift from Dane and the girls, an Apple I Watch - Amazing!  Bria and Cali are home today because of more snow!  Their weather has been brutal!

I decided to head to the pickleball courts at 9:15, for it was now in the upper 50's.  I had a fun time, but only played 3 games.  I do not want to overdue it!  Ken had gone to Wal-Mart to get a few groceries and ink cartridges for our printer.  

I worked on this blog when I got back.  After lunch, which we were able to eat outside and I had a nice phone chat with Lanie.  Her girls were home from school today because of the snow also!  Katelyn has a sever case of hives all over her body which the Dr. believes is a viral infection.  They did give her medication and today was better than yesterday but she is so itchy!

Ken changed his bike tire while I did my devotions.  He also brought the awning in because of the windy conditions which are supposed to get worse by evening.  Then we took the shower doors outside and worked on removing the soap scum.  I think we may have waited a bit long to try to clean them, but they do look better!  Ken did some reading outside while I made some sea glass pictures.  

We had salads with salmon and chicken for dinner while watching the evening news.  By 6:30 it had really cooled off outdoors.  They are predicting a freeze this evening in lots of areas in Florida and temperatures only near 60 degrees tomorrow.  Then they are expecting a warm up for the weekend!

Ernie and Noela had gone to Cape Coral today and she purchased a "new" used bike that she will be able to get on and off more easily (lower bar)!  She bought the bike off Craig's List and it looks brand new.

We went over to their RV to play games around 7, but we watched the David Letterman interview with Barack Obama instead.  We thought the show was well done.  After some chatting, we were back to Wilbur by 9:15.

We had discovered earlier today, that the refrigerator did not appear to be working properly.  Even with turning the temperature gauge to the highest position, it was only 48 degrees inside.  So, we had tried both using gas or electric, and it wouldn't run on either.  We took our frozen food to Noela and she had enough room in her freezer to store the items.  This lifestyle can certainly be challenging at times, but it is still so worth it!  

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