Saturday, January 27, 2018

Saturday - Another Windy but Mild Day!

Ken was up by 6, about an hour later than usual for that boy!!  We watched the morning news and then he met Ernie for a walk.  I did some clean-up, showered, and got ready for breakfast.

After breakfast and clean-up, I worked on the blog and Ken did some work on the computer!  We packed our lunches and then I had a nice phone conversation with my mother.  They are doing so well and she seems very happy. 

We picked up Ernie and Noela at 10:30 and headed towards Sarasota taking a slight detour when we mentioned getting a scone at the Upper Crust in Venice.  We ended up in downtown Venice enjoying a delicious scone and then walking along Miami Avenue where they had a wonderful outdoor craft show.  I always enjoy the creativity of crafters and seeing which stands are getting the most business.  So glad we took the detour to Venice!

More of those delicious scones!

Checking out some wall hangings made with shells!

The craft show was very crowded!

Stars made from the inside of shells!

We made a stop at RV World to look for a few small items that we both needed.  We were unsuccessful.  Then on the Red Barn near Bradenton which was originally the reason for today's trip.  We wanted to get a card shuffler (one for Cindy and John too) and some fruits and veggies.  Noela found a new screen protector for her phone and lamp shades for 2 wall lights in their 5th wheel that needed replaced.  I also got a mirror for my bike.  It was a good trip.

From there we asked the boys to stop at a Michael's because they had a 60% off coupon for today and we felt there was probably something we needed!  The next stop was the Celery Fields south of Sarasota which was originally a marshland and then in the late 1880's the land was drained for agriculture.  In the 1920's the fields were used to grow celery by Fancee Farms.  In 1992, Sarasota County purchased the land after record setting rains so the land could be used for natural flood storage function and prevent downstream flooding.  During construction well preserved prehistoric animal bones, such as teeth from mammoths, mastodons, and sharks were recovered.  With all the water and marshland it is now a popular area for birdwatchers, bikers, hikers and the viewing of over 210 species of birds.  We hope to return when we have more time to tour the area!

A tri-colored heron!

The walkway at the Celery Feeds over the marshlands!

Birds were landing to spend the night!

We were excited to see 2 limpkins!

We were back to the CG around 7:15 after a long day of "touring", but a fruitful one!  I worked on the blog and we did some reading.  Off to bed a little after 9:00!

We did get see our granddaughter, Bria, swim another race today - 4 laps of butterfly.  She did so well!

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