Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Tuesday - Cool, Windy Day!

We watched the Morning News and then Ken met Ernie for his walk.  I did some stretches and got ready for the day while he was gone!  We actually made eggs for breakfast with MEAT, our 1st meat since Sunday a week ago.  It tasted so good!

Ernie and Noela decided to take a road trip (160 miles one way) to Shark Valley for the day.  We made plans to have dinner with Rick and Joyce, Lori and Eddie, and Marilyn and Gene, all members of LCBC back home, at 4 today, so obviously we would not have been back in time had we gone with Ernie and Noela.  They had been invited to join us, but decided to decline the offer since they hadn't really done anything outside of the CG yesterday.  I understand that!

After breakfast, Ken and I did some chatting and then played a game of Hand and Foot which he won again!  We did some messaging back and forth with members of Life Group.  2 couples are home in PA  (had planned to come to Florida) going through some tough health challenges.  We miss them and are only now realizing how special last year was when we would all get together at least once a week for about 6 weeks.  My what a difference a year can make!!!

I decided to spend time working on a new picture project I wanted to attempt to make and with Ken's help, I think I have it "figured out"!  I understand the process but have to finalize what I want to include in the project.  Hopefully I will have a picture of the finished project soon to post of this blog!

Ken rested while I talked to Cindy and worked on this blog.  I also ordered scrapbook pages I created for Valentine gifts for our granddaughters of our camping adventures with them this past summer.

We left at 2:15 and went to Nokomis Beach to spend about 45 minutes combing the beach.  We thought it would be so windy and cool, but it was only slightly breezy and rather warm.  It felt good to be outdoors.  We met Rick and Joyce, Eddie and Lori, and Gene and Marilyn at Briandi's at 4 for another great Italian meal and time of fellowship!

Obviously it was later in the day and cool and very windy...

...but so pretty!

After dinner, Gene and Marilyn went back to Sarasota and the 6 of us went to Rick and Joyce's to play Hand and Foot.  The women were winning big time when we went into the 4th round, but the men had an unbelievable round.  None of the ladies were able to get into their Foot - Crazy!  So they were the HUGE winners!  Eddie and Lori are spending 2 nights with Rick and Joyce before they move to their CG near Punta Gorda till the end of March.  The 6 of us will spend more time together in the next 2 months.

Ken and I were back to the CG by 9:30 and went right to bed.  What a wonderful day!

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