Thursday, January 18, 2018

Thursday - A Night Under 32 Degrees! What is Happening????

Ken turned up the heat when he got up and the furnace starting running, but it wasn't very long till it stopped.  The refrigerator was also throwing a code when he tried to run it with gas saying there was no gas coming through.  Then we tried a gas burner on the stove and no gas again!  Wow, this is getting exciting!

Fortunately our Eden Pure Heater does a great job and we could keep relatively warm - 67 degrees in Wilbur.  If we turned the furnace off, we could get the stove to light, so apparently we are not getting the right amount of pressure off the gas line.  The refrigerator will not work no matter what we try.  So Jim and Joyce have an extra small refrigerator outside their RV and said we could put our items in there - so grateful!

Ernie and Noela stopped by to see if they could help in anyway and they recommended an RV Tech that comes to the CG.  I did talk to Sam, our service Tech at Lazydays to report the problem (we had some trouble with the frig when we 1st got here and she was aware of that) and asked if it could have anything to do with them pulling the refrigerator when they repaired the slide.  She said we should get the tech to come to Wilbur and if it is something they did incorrectly, they will pay the bill.  Next call was to Gary, the mobile service tech, and he had us turn off the fan in the frig and see what happens over the next 5 or 6 hours.  That will give him some idea of what is needed.  He thinks the gas line probably needs a new regulator.  He will stop by either later today or tomorrow.  So, these issues are a bit inconvenient, but we are still able to function well - a temporary inconvenience for hopefully a "permanent" improvement!  We shall see!!!!!

Ken and I decided to relax a little and enjoy playing a game of Hand and Foot.  It was good for me, but not too great for Ken!  He lost "big time"!  He put out the awning since the wind had diminished and then loaded the car for setting up at the craft show tomorrow afternoon.  I worked on some items for the show after doing some back stretching exercises.  I can not believe how little flexibility I have.  Hopefully some stretching will help!

I talked to Lanie and she had a root canal and crown put on a molar 7 years ago and now it is infected.  She is in some discomfort, but not too bad.  The endodontist wants her to be on an antibiotic over the weekend before he sees her on Monday.  Katelyn is still having a very "itchy" time with her hives.

I worked on jewelry quite a bit today and then Ken and I took a short walk before dinner.  I even put on my SAS.  We stopped and chatted inside Bill and Donna's motorhome for about an hour.  They are a great couple from Pottstown, PA.  We met them when camping in Florida several years ago and always enjoy chatting with them.  

Back to Wilbur and we had leftovers for dinner plus a salad - of course!  We were at Ernie and Noela's from 7:15 to 9:00 and they women "whipped" the men in Hand and Foot.  They were so far behind when the game ended.

Gary, the mobile RV Tech, will stop by tomorrow morning to diagnosis our problems.  Hopefully the refrig and furnace will soon be running efficiently.

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