Monday, January 15, 2018

Monday - Cold Start, Then Sunny and in Upper 60's!

Ken did some reading and devotions till I got up at 8 - Wow, a late start for me!  I debated about playing pickleball (it was 46 degrees) but after getting ready I decided to give it a try.  Ken passed on my invitation to go along!

Well, it wasn't a shining day for me on the pickleball court.  The 1st game went okay, but the next 2 were not good at all.  I did have fun, but frustrating to play so poorly.

Back to Wilbur by 10:15 and I changed and took time to write in Jamie's birthday card - she has her 38th birthday this Wednesday.  How can that be possible???  Ken and I are not old enough to have a daughter 38!!!!

We picked up Ernie and Noela at 11 and drove about 1 hour to Babcock Ranch Solar Development.  What a place and concept.  The whole "city" will be powered by the 343,000 solar panels that are already in place and are situated on 440 acres.  They produce more energy than will be consumed even when the entire project is complete!  The owner sold 80% of the acreage to the state of Florida and it is a preserve!  They are currently in the 1st phase and only 1 family has moved in, but there are numerous furnished models to tour.  The 1st phase has very expensive custom homes and they are amazing.  So far there is a Charter School up and running, a finished clubhouse, restaurant, coffee shop, sandwich type eatery, and a Urgent Care and Medical facility under construction.  I believe they anticipate 91,000 homes being built but the entire project could take up to 25 years!

This is a view of the Clubhouse taken when we entered the area!
The sales center and a place to rent bikes and kayaks!

This is the medical center that is under construction!

A place to charge your electric car!

We decided to tour some of the model homes and they were huge and so expensive -

This home is listed at $599,000!

This one was just a "few" dollars less!

This is the kitchen of one that listed for 1 million.....

....the 2nd floor loft area....

....but you do get a free electric car when
you purchase this home!

This small cabin type home is just under $500,000. and it
was rather small!

We left there around 1:45 and drove towards Ft. Myers to have a "lupper" at Sweet Tomato.  As per usual, it was delicious and we were "stuffed" when we left.  No dinner for the Hoslers!  Then Ken and I waited in the car while Ernie and Noela picked up a few items at a nearby Costco.  Imagine - we didn't even go inside!!!!  

I talked to Cindy while waiting and they are feeling very blessed to have gotten to Florida without having a serious accident.  When they arrived at their CG John said the brakes were not working properly and then the motorhome made a bad noise when they moved forward in their campsite.  Long story short, they discovered that their front passenger side wheel was extremely loose and the brake shoes were gone!  They have someone coming to the CG to see what needs to be done, but they are thinking it will be a "big ticket item"!  

We were back to Harbor Lakes around 5 and Ken cut out some backgrounds for my sea glass pictures so I can work on them this evening while he is at Celebrate Recovery!  He left at 6:45 and I played some games on his I-Pad and then downloaded photos and worked on this blog.  I didn't feel like getting out all the supplies needed to make sea glass pictures, so I just relaxed.  Ken was back by 9 and we watched a little TV.  Bed by 10.


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