Monday, January 29, 2018

Monday - Mostly Cloudy in the Morning but Then Sunny!

Ken was up by 5:45 to do some reading.  We watched the Morning News when I made an appearance!  Ken left to walk with Ernie while I got ready, did some stretching, and some clean-up.  Everything was very wet outside after about 2 3/4 inches of rain, rather unusual for this time of year in Florida!

After breakfast, we walked over to Ernie and Noela's to discuss our plans for today and tomorrow.  I wanted to spend one of the days doing some crafting.  Because of the winds and weather prediction for today, Ken and I decided to hang out at the CG today.

I wanted to make a trip to Hobby Lobby to get a few supplies that I couldn't find at Michael's yesterday and Noela decided to go along.  It was a successful trip!  When we returned to the CG, it was time for lunch and Ken and I ate outside.  It was sunny and warm, a beautiful day.  Then I got out all of my supplies for doing sea glass pictures and the fun began.  It takes so much time to sort through the sea glass and find the right glass for making palm trees, sailboats, birds, etc.  Months again, I had separated the glass into plastic bags labeled for the shapes I thought they could be used for, but the pieces still have to be "matched up" and that is the time consuming part!  I spent about 3 hours sorting and making pictures.

Jamie called and the 3 of us had a great conversation discussing the movie, this weekend's swim meet, etc.  It was so good to hear from her!

Ken did a lot of different jobs outside - working on our bikes, cleaning shark's teeth, washing car windows, etc.  Then he made salads for us for dinner.  Late afternoon, Ken and I did some bike riding around the CG and then met Ernie and Noela at the shuffleboard courts where the men won both games.  We should have won the last one, but I made some "dumb" choices and the men were able to "take advantage".  Actually, they won fair and square!

We returned to Wilbur and Ken showered while I warmed up leftovers!  He left at 6:45 for CR and I made a few more sea glass pictures.  Then the clean-up began.  It is amazing what a "mess" I can make while doing my craft projects!  Ken was back by 9 and I worked on this blog.

We were in bed right after 10!  It was a rather relaxing day but we got a lot accomplished!

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