Monday, January 22, 2018

Monday - Finally a Sunny, Warm Beach Day!

Ken did some reading, we watched the News, and then decided to try a new item for breakfast - oatmeal.  Ken had done a lot of reading of labels before picking and chose Think Thin Berry Crumble.  It actually has 10 grams of protein and only 190 calories!  We both thought it was very good!

Jamie called and the 3 of us chatted for about 30 minutes.  What a wonderful time of sharing and catching up on life!  It really was special!

Ken and I packed drinks and a light lunch and by 9:30 we were on our way to Manasota Beach to meet Cindy and John, Rick and Joyce, and Ernie and Noela.  1st we made a stop at the bank and the Post Office which took a bit of time because the Post Office was not in a handy or "close by" location.  We arrived at the beach at 10:40 and met John and Cindy.  So good to see them, for we had not spent time together since Thanksgiving.  After some chatting and "catching up" it was time to get serious and start looking for shark's teeth.  Ernie and Noela got there a little before noon.

This blue heron was extremely calm and not concerned about
people walking by.  

A fun day with friends on the beach!

Unfortunately I did not carry my phone with me on the beach and didn't realize Joyce had left me a message asking if we were there and where could they find us.  I only discovered the message when we got back to the CG, so even though they were there for 3 hours, we never met up.  I was so sorry and disappointed, for they have never met Cindy and John.  Hopefully it will happen another day!

It was a good day for finding shark's teeth and we had a great time.  Ernie and Noela left mid afternoon, but the 4 of us only said our good-byes around 4:45.  It was a perfect beach day with temperatures in the upper 70's, light winds, and mostly sunny!  It felt good to finally spend so many hours enjoying the beach and sharing with friends and family!

We had salads and black bean burgers for dinner.  Ken and I had decided to "fast" for this week (Sunday to Sunday), but fasting meant picking 1 or several things to give up for 1 week.  Ken chose meat and soda or any drink with artificial sweetners and I decided on meat and game playing on my tablet.  I can get "hooked" on Pop Words or Word Twister!  Soda is a tough one for Ken!

Ken left at 6:45 to go to CR at the Church and I did my devotions which I didn't have time to do this morning.  Then I went to visit Ernie and Noela.  They were sitting outside in their screened in gazebo and enjoying their gas campfire.  She had made a fresh pineapple upside down cake and it was delicious.  Ken joined us when he returned around 9:15.

By 10 Ken and I were in bed reading.  It was a fun day!

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  1. We actually did meet Rick and Joyce at the Hershey CG. They were so nice!! It would have been great to see them again!