Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Tuesday - A Busy, Fun Day!

It was in the 40's when we got up and rather windy and cloudy.  Nothing like back home, but rather chilly for Florida.  Ken and I had flax pancakes for breakfast with lots of fresh fruit and of course, whipped cream.  I think they are still healthy for calcium is very important!w 

Noela called and left us know that they were just about ready to cross the border from SC to Georgia and planned to get their RV out of storage in Brunswick, GA and spent the night in a nearby State Park.  They have been in extremely cold weather since leaving Canada - only in the 20's in SC!  This cold snap is crazy!!  They plan to arrive at the CG tomorrow afternoon!  2 other couples that we know arrived today - Jim and Joyce, and Bill and Donna.  

We did some clean-up around Wilbur and by 9:30 Rick and Joyce were here.  We chatted for a while and then Joyce and I left to go shopping at a nearby mall.  We went to 3 of my favorite stores - Beall's Outlet, Ross's, and Hobby Lobby.  We had a fun time together and got some very nice things.  We only got back at 2:45.

Ken and Rick had spent that time putting the plexiglass on our screen door so we can have the main door open and the light can brighten the motorhome  when running the air conditioning or the heat!  They also put a bar across the screen door to make it easier to push open and pull closed.  They did a great job and since I have wanted the plexiglass installed when we bought our 1st RV, I am excited.  

Ken and Rick had taken a walk around the CG and when they returned we decided to start making "lupper".  None of us had really eaten since breakfast.  I had promised Rick I would make him some quinoa, so we had that, grilled chicken, salad, and sauteed veggies.  

After doing the dishes, the game playing began with the men winning Hand and Foot by a margin that was unbelievable!  Joyce and I did win double deck Pinochle by a huge margin, but we only won Skip-Bo by a few cards.  It was a fun evening.  We appreciated our time together.

They left around 8:30 and I worked on this blog.  Then off to bed by 9:30 to read!

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