Thursday, January 25, 2018

Thursday - Cool, Windy Day, but Fun!

I got up when Ken left at 6:10 for a men's bible study at Edgewater Church.  I am not sure what I did the next 2 1/2 hours, but somehow they flew.  Ken stopped back from 8:00 to 8:45 when he left to return to the church to help unload food for tomorrow's food bank.

Noela and I left at the same time to do some shopping and we had a fun time making numerous stops along the way - Marshall's, Michaels, Beall's Outlet, Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart.  We didn't buy very much but we surely had fun browsing.  Jamie had stopped by our apartment at home to take photos of the bottles of paints I had used to paint my coconut fish.  Somehow I forgot to bring them with me and I need to touch-up and finish the fish I brought along.  But, I needed to know the brand of paint and the name of the color if I wanted to continue working on them.  I certainly appreciated her sending me that information.  

We were back to the CG around 1:45 and Ken had returned at 1:15.  I did some clean-up and organizing before Rick and Joyce arrived at 3.  We did some chatting and then walked to the shuffleboard courts and had fun playing 3 games - Men 2 and Women 1!  We won the last game which we thought was the most important!

Rick and Joyce in action!

Back to Wilbur where we each made our own pita pizza and then Ken cooked them on the grill - so good.  We were so well behaved, only having oranges for dessert.  Then it was time for some serious card playing.  The women won Hand and Foot by a HUGE margin (we didn't even figure out the score for the last round!) and then we also won double deck Pinochle.  It helped that in the very 1st hand, Joyce had a double run - 150 points!!!!  Amazing.  Poor guys felt a bit defeated when the evening ended around 9:45.  What a great time!

We went right to bed after celebrating another wonderful day!

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