Sunday, January 28, 2018

Sunday - Relaxing Day and Lots of Rain by Late Afternoon!

Ken and I left by 9 for Edgewater Church!  It was a cloudy morning but in the 60's.  Again, it was so nice to see familiar faces at the Church and to know many people by name!

It was a great sermon on gossip - why we do it and how to avoid getting "caught up" in it with the Bible as the authority!  It is something I definitely need to work on and I believe that is true about a lot of us!

We had planned to go out for breakfast because we were ready to have one of those special breakfasts at Denny's.  Neither of us have had any meat since last Sunday when we started a "fast" that was a challenge by the Church that Rick and Joyce attend.  The minister suggested that each person pick something to "give up" for a week that would be a sacrifice.  Rick, Joyce and Ken gave up soda and meat plus Ken limited his sugar. I chose meat also as well as any games I play on our I-Pads, etc.  It proved to be an interesting week and probably easier than we anticipated.  We decided not to go out for breakfast because of eating at a local pizza place tonight.  Ken dropped me off at Michael's and he headed to Wal-Mart for a few groceries.  

We were back to the CG by 12:30 and stopped to chat with Ernie and Noela to finalize plans for later today.  After eating lunch, Ken and I worked together and made a double batch of oat bran muffins.  It took a while and so did the clean-up.  We did have the opportunity to again watch Bria swim.  She had a great weekend meet swimming in 9 events and improving her time in 7 of them.  It certainly was a lot of swimming!

At 3:45 we picked up Ernie and Noela and headed to the movie theater to see The Greatest Showman!  What a phenomenal movie and Hugh Jackman was amazing!  Jamie's family had seen it and said it is a must see!  She was so right.  The 4 of us totally enjoyed it!  It was raining so hard when the movie was over, but Ken and Ernie ran to the car and then came back to get us with umbrellas - what good guys!  We went to Bocca Lupo Pizza Shop as recommended to us from some folks at church for their coal fired pizzas.  They started the coal fired oven in 2010 and it has burning since!  The pizza really was delicious.  It was still pouring when we left Bocca Lupo.

We were at the CG by 7:30 and Ken and I played 3 rounds of Hand and Foot with him being in the lead.  We were in bed around 9:30 and did some reading.  We definitely made the best of a rainy day.  Everyone should see the movie!

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