Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Tuesday - Rain Early, Then Partly Sunny, Warm and Rather Humid!

Ken was up early to do his reading and then we watched the Morning News at 7.  After breakfast, we emptied the refrigerator so when the RV repairmen arrived it would be ready for them to work on.  The parts for the refrigerator and furnace had arrived yesterday and they had left us a message saying they would be here in the morning - hallelujah!  It will be so handy to have a working refrigerator!

At 9:30 the repairmen arrived and what a job they are undertaking.  The refrigerator had to be moved, but not before they removed all the doors, etc.  Then they placed it face down on the floor and removed the entire back of it.  The cooling unit that goes from top to bottom is one piece, so it is all being replaced - amazing.  I guess we will have a brand new refrigerator - at least the "inners" will be new!  After working on the blog, Ken and I left to give them room to work!

We stopped at the veggie/fruit people who come into the CG each Tuesday with produce to sell at reasonable prices.  We had fun talking to Bill and Donna while shopping!  Then Ken and I went to the North Port strip mall to return a top I had bought and then to Dollar Tree for cards for Valentine's Day!

We were back to the CG by 12:15 and the service people were already gone and everything was back in place.  You couldn't tell they were even here.  We were impressed by their knowledge and swiftness in getting the jobs done.  They also replaced the regulator on our propane furnace.

Ken vacuumed and then we ate breakfast outside.  He had gotten up very early so he took a nap.  I did some reading and then went to talk with Ernie and Noela to make plans for later today and tomorrow.  Ken decided to put tje awning away because they are predicting some strong winds on Thursday and Friday.  

At 3:30 we played shuffleboard with Ernie and Noela.  We won the 1st game by a "huge" margin but then the men "whipped" us the next 2 games.  1st time we played this year and it was a lot of fun!  

No points for either team right now,
but that changed rather quickly!

Back to Wilbur and I made another pasta dish using zucchini noodles and we each had a salad.  We were a bit concerned that the refrigerator did not appear to be cooling as quickly as we expected plus it appeared that it was only running for short intervals.  So, I placed a call to the service tech and he assured me that  I was only hearing the fan running, not the motor and it would take at least 12 hours with it empty to get to the proper temperatures in both the frig and freezer.  So, we will check it again tomorrow morning!

Ernie and Noela joined us from 7:30 to 9:45 and we played a full game of Hand and Foot.  Again, the men were victorious.  I guess it was their day!!!!  We did get to enjoy another piece of Neola's delicious pineapple upside down cake.

It was another great day in Florida and hopefully by tomorrow morning we will have a refrigerator that is cooling properly!

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